Power Of The Heart CommUnity Circle on the New Moon

Power of the Heart

Monthly CommUnity Gathering
on the New Moon!

“Access Inner Wisdom & Radical Healing”

* Enter Sacred Space * Fill Your Heart’s Cup *
* Raise the Frequency

“It’s time now to unify, open our hearts and minds, join our hands and work together to create Peace for All of humanity.” – Keiki Fujita

with like-minded women for laughter, focus, and support
for quiet, meditation, connection and movement
your body-mind-spirit communication
resilience, confidence, and a clear sense of

When: New Moon of each month

email: contact@heartspower.org for more information

Location: Kensington, California

Cost: $25

“Keiki creates a very calm, peaceful meditational flow, gently guiding the focus into a nice, mindful grounding, plus spacious, expansive sense of inner-outer dimensional connectedness.”
– Performer, Artist, Musician

Keiki Fujita

Keiki Fujita is  an internationally known artist and  designer for more than 30 years. Following her experience twice with breast cancer, and other health issues, she has studied, researched and applied processes and practices from various healing modalities and empirical knowledge to sustain and maintain health and well-being. Keiki has designed programs based on her personal experiences to help other women overcome the stress and anxiety of modern day life and entrepreneurship.

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for questions email: Contact@HeartsPower.org