I help high aspiring women manage stress and anxiety by aligning with their true nature, that empowers them to allow more joy, harmony, vitality and fun in their lives!
– Keiki Fujita

How I Can Help You

“Your Body is a creative masterpiece, a work of Art, integrating and addressing all aspects of you.”

My work is based on my experience twice with breast cancer and other health issues. Through years of research, processes, practices and empirical knowledge, I have found what works. I apply various healing modalities and “tools” to sustain and maintain vitality and well-being.

I’ve designed programs to help women make breakthroughs and transformations to overcome the stress and anxiety of entrepreneurship and specific issues in life.

  • Body Temple Tune-Up
    In these 3 sessions, we will establish your health foundation. You will learn to balance your Mind-Body Connection, clear your Energy Systems, and foster your Multi-dimensional Integration.
  • Your Heart-Powered Body: Awaken, Connect and Align
    During this 6-week series, we will dive more deeply into your body’s systems to strengthen the foundation set during the Body Temple Tune-Up.
  • “Powerful!”
  • Preserve Your Health with the Power of the Heart
    In this 90-day indepth program, we explore the full spectrum of your HeArt and Health

    • Ready, Mind-Set, Go with Gratitude!
    • Your Body Temple Venus
    • Healthy Habits
    • Beauty, Joy, Fun & Pleasure
    • Mother Earth, Our Ultimate Healer
    • Nature’s Art and Healing
    • Home Is Where Your HeART Is
  •  Path to Power Retreat

“You will surprise yourself!”

  • Power of the Heart monthly women’s community  gathering brings women together for Fun, Movement, Support, Healing, Laughter, and Hugs in Sacred Space. We fill up our Hearts and Emanate Love into the world, literally contributing to raising the frequency of the planet! In our time together, Keiki also will lead a guided meditation for Peace and more with Gratitude.
  • Keiki creates a very calm, peaceful meditational flow, gently guiding the focus into a nice, mindful grounding, plus spacious, expansive sense of inner-outer dimensional connectedness.                      Ishtar, Performer, Artist, Musician
  • “I found the guided meditation Amazingly Powerful. It’s a priceless gift.”

“I have been to several of Keiki’s women’s circles and she is very nurturing. Through the exercises she designs like guided meditations, Keiki provides for a gentle and safe space. She offers a lot of support through your specific issues, including medical issues, via healing through many modalities (not limited to chakra healing & sound healing). I feel witnessed by Keiki. Working with Keiki allows me to manifest for my greater good, to ground myself and to get back into my body. I enjoy dancing and movement with Keiki as well – my inner child relishes it! ”                         Alyssa, special need teacher and astrology

  • Heart’s Power Women’s Circles
    Gather Sister “SoulShips”
  • Colourdance
    One-of-a-kind original silk paintings
    Wearable Art
    Home and Environmental Art
  • www.colourdance.com
  • * * *

“I had felt stuck and empty for a long time. The day-to-day of dealing with crisis after crisis had worn me down and left me feeling I had nowhere left to go in life. There was no joy in my life. Meeting Keiki at her SoulFusion retreat, and then participating in her 90 day Heart’s Power: Empowering the Artistry of the Soul program has irrevocably changed my life forever. Through her program, I revived my spirit by using her Box of Tolls to disperse the negative emotions that were holding me back from having the life I wanted. I identified and manifested the changes I needed to make in order to feel joy again. I shifted my perspective and now I can view my life from a positive angle instead of a pessimistic one. Keiki’s program empowered me to find the confidence to listen to my instincts and my heart’s power. I highly recommend her program to anyone looking for breakthroughs and transformations. You can have hopes and dreams again.”

Karen J. , business owner

“Mindfulness. . .Peace, Love, Gratitude & Happiness

Keiki has helped guide me into a state of accepting, and learning how to bring these into my daily life. When I asked her to help me I felt powerless; I was haunted by stress and anxiety and was not able to see or accept the above.

Presently I am more relaxed and happy, I am able to let others’ joys into my life in a healthy way. I do not
thrive on the negative and anxiety provoking situations.”          Artist

“In my journey of healing from Lyme’s disease, I sought the assistance of colleague Keiki Fujita because I believe that the new healing modalities that are available to us today work synergistically. I experience her sessions as very gentle, non invasive and respectful, and she also helped me with teaching me a practice that I can do at home. Keiki has overcome her own experience with cancer which also helps those of us who are facing painful illness keep the faith that we can really overcome anything. I favor working collaboratively with others in related fields, for this is how we help each other expand beyond what we thought was possible. Keiki has my gratitude and I regard her highly as a fellow healer”.

Ingrid Fischer, Certified iPEC Life Coach, and Certified Quantum Energetic Disciplines TM practitioner.

Stronger Connection with Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

I had the pleasure of working with Keiki on a weekly basis for several months to specifically address connecting with my higher self and body image (i.e., loving my current physical vessel). Each week Keiki would do a live meditation with me over the phone. This was not some scripted, planned in advance, generic meditation. She received intuitive guidance from her guides on what to include in the meditation. The meditations ranged from 20-40 minutes and were recorded so I could do them later in the week. She would check in at least once during that week to see how I was progressing. I loved listening to Keiki’s gentle voice guiding me through the various visualizations. I now have a much improved relationship with my body and feel more connected to my higher self and guides. I truly enjoyed and greatly benefited from working with Keiki. She is such a caring and compassionate person!


Before Keiki, I did not practice anything that had to do with spirituality. I did not do yoga, meditate, or use essential oils. Upon meeting Keiki at her 2018 summer “SoulFusion” retreat in Hawaii, we developed such a rapport that I felt comfortable agreeing to attend her guided sessions. It has opened up a whole new world and mindset for me. Keiki really listens to me. I feel heard. She is not just providing a therapeutic venting session. She provides workable solutions and offers a wide range of “tools” to improve my life. As I work on my personal growth and enlightenment, but also just handling day to day practices, I have a box of tools and options to work through my problems, along with her recorded personal meditations to keep. In our sessions, we have covered everything from meditation to essential oils to chakra blanking to healing emotional trauma. I have had numberous breakthroughs of insight and healing. There is more positivity in my life, more gratitude, and more forgiveness. I have so much hope for my future now. I can see so many possibilities now.

A facinating outcome of my sessions with Keiki is how aligned and magical I feel now. I experience sychronicities on a near daily basis. I see repeated numbers to strange coincidences to seeing bursts of white light when I close my eyes. These never used to happen before. I don’t want to read into each occurrence. Instead it makes me feel like I’m on the right path to getting everything I want. It is great encouragement to just keep moving forward. I don’t feel stuck anymore. 

Michelle, July 20, 2020

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Break Through to Your Heart session.

Power Of The Heart CommUnity Circle on the New Moon

Power of the Heart

Monthly CommUnity Gathering
on the New Moon!

“Access Inner Wisdom & Radical Healing”

* Enter Sacred Space * Fill Your Heart’s Cup *
* Raise the Frequency

“It’s time now to unify, open our hearts and minds, join our hands and work together to create Peace for All of humanity.” – Keiki Fujita

with like-minded women for laughter, focus, and support
for quiet, meditation, connection and movement
your body-mind-spirit communication
resilience, confidence, and a clear sense of

When: New Moon of each month

email: contact@heartspower.org for more information

Location: Kensington, California

Cost: $25

“Keiki creates a very calm, peaceful meditational flow, gently guiding the focus into a nice, mindful grounding, plus spacious, expansive sense of inner-outer dimensional connectedness.”
– Performer, Artist, Musician

Keiki Fujita

Keiki Fujita is  an internationally known artist and  designer for more than 30 years. Following her experience twice with breast cancer, and other health issues, she has studied, researched and applied processes and practices from various healing modalities and empirical knowledge to sustain and maintain health and well-being. Keiki has designed programs based on her personal experiences to help other women overcome the stress and anxiety of modern day life and entrepreneurship.

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About Keiki

Keiki Fujita

Education: University of California graduate

Artist in residence, Kyoto, Japan at one of the innovative art/design studios in Japan. Learned the art of hand-painting kimono at “Ichi Rin Sai” atorie with Master oil painter/illustrator, Nishihiro Fujita ; International artist for over 30 years. Clients include: Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Whoopi Goldberg, Sela Ward, Marillu Henner, Nobu McCarthy, Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin).

Writer: Contributed a chapter to “The Ways of Spirit: 30 Visionaries share Philosophies, Paths & Practices,” co-authored by Susan Averett Lee, M.A., M.S.W.

EducatorCertified from the Rudolf Steiner College in the Waldorf Curriculum K-3. Ran a home-schooling co-op teaching my own children and children of our co-op.

Mother, Wife, Daughter, and Caregiver: My family created a hobby farm for over 25 years that infused us with the experience of Nature, growing our own food with emphasis on health and nourishing diet and lifestyle. Nurtured and guided our two teen-age boys entering into adulthood. Assisted, cared for and guided elderly parents and aunties through the late phase of their lives.

Spiritual JourneyMy Spiritual practice and studies for over 35 years include Diamond Alignment energy work, Certified Lightwave Technician, continued evolvement and expansion bringing New World Consciousness in this wonderful journey of Life!

** Results are based on the individual, their own participation and not to be interpreted as medical advice to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions, or to be a substitute for advice from your physical or health care specialist. The methods I offer are intended to support health and healing, not to replace medical treatment.

I do believe though, as in my personal experience, when one is open and aligned, we create magic and miracles that can unfold and manifest. . .  **



Keiki Fujita
Telephone:  +1 (510) 524-7986
email: Contact@HeartsPower.org